Monday Morning Announcements

Here are three things to know this week:

  1. C. Monsters are piecing together the final pieces before releasing a new album this month. Originally set for release in October, the project was pushed back due to unforeseen complications in the finishing process. No release date yet announced.

  2. In the studio this week is Sunsplint. The new album isn’t set for release until early 2019, however the band’s first two albums will be released as a collection in the vault section of the store next month.

  3. Housing is on track to be back in stock this Friday!

Deal of the Week: Free Shipping on all orders placed now through November 18th!

Bruce DeClue
Monday Morning Announcements

A bit of a quiet week as far as new material goes, but here’s what’s happening in the studio this week.

  1. “Scenes From a Film” by Bruce De Clue is back in stock and available in the store.

  2. Bruiser Truckline will be shooting extra footage for their new music video this week. Further editing will be required with a projected release of December 1st.

  3. I will be making my first ever written novel available this month under the name B.A. DeClue. Its story follows the lives of a handful of characters in a small town in rural Kansas as they move closer everyday to the convergence of their own chaos. Available in paperback, hard cover, and as an eBook. This week I make the final adjustments with my editor before sending it to print.

Deal of the Week: Any order placed now through Nov. 11th will receive a bonus gift absolutely free!

Bruce DeClue

Here’s what you need to know from Zwig Music heading into the week.

  1. C. Monsters has delayed their release a couple more weeks due to unforeseen events. Look for new music from this group mid-November.

  2. This week, all orders placed in our online store receive free shipping, anywhere in the US, for as many or as little items as you’d like.

  3. The album, “Scenes From a Film” by Bruce De Clue will be back in stock Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. The second round of albums from “Housing” are heading into production this week for duplication.

On a final note, as we move into the holiday season, there will likely be less live performances on the calendar. But stay tuned in as some never-before items will be made available in the online store and more music will constantly be made available (THERE IS ALWAYS MORE!).

Bruce DeClue
Monday Morning Announcements

In case you missed it, HOUSING released their EP October 9th, followed by Bruce De Clue’s “Scenes From a Film” on October 19th.

WOW. “HOUSING” sold out in the first week of it’s release and “Scenes” sold out on the FIRST DAY. So to everyone who picked up a CD this last week, THANK YOU! And if you missed out, not to worry, there are more in production and will be restocked in a couple weeks.

The month isn’t over quite yet, though. C. Monsters is planning a very solid release on October 29th. No tour dates have yet been announced.

Bruce DeClue
Time of the Season

Last night to the roar of a smoky bar, Bruiser Truckline brought their tour to a close. Up next on their schedule is to improve in every way, meaning more instruments, better performances, and more material. To everyone who has thrown a dollar in the tip jar or danced by the stage; to everyone who enjoyed the music and shared it with a friend, THANK YOU!

But the year is not over yet.

There are a handful of releases still to come, including three this month and even a non-musical surprise later in November. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here’s your 3 things to know heading into this week.

  1. The new album from singer/songwriter, Bruce DeClue, hits the store this week on October 19th. This is an exclusive early release so will at this time only be available for streaming and purchase through the website.

  2. New shirts and more merchandise are currently in production.

  3. Music video for Bruiser Truckline’s “While We Can” goes to the cutting room floor on Wednesday.

And for those that missed it, the deal of the week: (50% off ALL CD’S) See the store for purchase.

Bruce DeClue