Here's What You Need to Know

Here’s what you need to know this second week of January:

  1. Bands are coming back from hiatus, getting ready for 2019. Bruiser Truckline is writing and booking their summer tour. C. Monsters is preparing a spring release and small tour. Feral Moan is writing their second album.

  2. Bruce De Clue is currently touring, check events page for more info

  3. Available Jan 29th - “Black Star Riot - The Silence Between The Screams” (Remastered) New this year, Zwig Music is making the pledge to make available new material or newly remastered material every single month all year long. This month is 2005’s “Black Star Riot,” featuring Bruce De Clue, Travis Dishman, Danny Gimple, and Greg Higdon.

Bruce DeClue