Here’s what you need to know from Zwig Music heading into the week.

  1. C. Monsters has delayed their release a couple more weeks due to unforeseen events. Look for new music from this group mid-November.

  2. This week, all orders placed in our online store receive free shipping, anywhere in the US, for as many or as little items as you’d like.

  3. The album, “Scenes From a Film” by Bruce De Clue will be back in stock Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. The second round of albums from “Housing” are heading into production this week for duplication.

On a final note, as we move into the holiday season, there will likely be less live performances on the calendar. But stay tuned in as some never-before items will be made available in the online store and more music will constantly be made available (THERE IS ALWAYS MORE!).

Bruce DeClue