Time of the Season

Last night to the roar of a smoky bar, Bruiser Truckline brought their tour to a close. Up next on their schedule is to improve in every way, meaning more instruments, better performances, and more material. To everyone who has thrown a dollar in the tip jar or danced by the stage; to everyone who enjoyed the music and shared it with a friend, THANK YOU!

But the year is not over yet.

There are a handful of releases still to come, including three this month and even a non-musical surprise later in November. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here’s your 3 things to know heading into this week.

  1. The new album from singer/songwriter, Bruce DeClue, hits the store this week on October 19th. This is an exclusive early release so will at this time only be available for streaming and purchase through the website.

  2. New shirts and more merchandise are currently in production.

  3. Music video for Bruiser Truckline’s “While We Can” goes to the cutting room floor on Wednesday.

And for those that missed it, the deal of the week: (50% off ALL CD’S) See the store for purchase.

Bruce DeClue