2019 Spring Sampler Coming This Week!

This year’s Spring Sampler will feature music from Sunsplint, Road Rage Delivery Driver, Bruiser Truckline, C. Monsters, Feral Moan, Husk, Rx77, noname, and many other previously unreleased material. Available exclusively through zwigmusic.com on March 29th.

Bruce DeClue
New Music This Week: "GORTE"

This month Zwig Music releases a rare 5 song ep written and recorded at Sleepy Hollow Recordings in the summer of 2015. The album is titled simply, “Gorte” (pronounced like forte). It’s an ugly but honest display of emotion put forth through soulful/chaotic saxophone, frustrated, poor drumming, and grinding bass guitar topped by gritty vocals that paint a raw portrait. Available only through zwigmusic.com.


Bruce DeClue
Feral Moan Back to the Grind

written by Stefan Grey:

It was confirmed early Thursday morning that grindcore band, Feral Moan, will return from a period of time off today. The band was about halfway through writing their second album late last November when their efforts were delayed by a string of bad luck, bad weather, and of course, the holidays. After much deliberation, the boys will be back together again today to get back to the “grind” of finishing their second album in preparation for a big summer tour.

In other news, solo artist Bruce DeClue has a new website with focused information about his solo work and live performances. You can check it out here:



Bruce DeClue
Here's What You Need to Know

Here’s what you need to know this second week of January:

  1. Bands are coming back from hiatus, getting ready for 2019. Bruiser Truckline is writing and booking their summer tour. C. Monsters is preparing a spring release and small tour. Feral Moan is writing their second album.

  2. Bruce De Clue is currently touring, check events page for more info

  3. Available Jan 29th - “Black Star Riot - The Silence Between The Screams” (Remastered) New this year, Zwig Music is making the pledge to make available new material or newly remastered material every single month all year long. This month is 2005’s “Black Star Riot,” featuring Bruce De Clue, Travis Dishman, Danny Gimple, and Greg Higdon.

Bruce DeClue
Monday Morning Announcements

Here’s what you need to know this week:

  1. New recording project, Husk, begins work in the studio this week. Black death metal.

  2. “Housing” is back in stock and available to order.

  3. A new free shipping option has been added for those living in the 67124 zip code.

Deal of the week: 10% off all Vault Stock!

Bruce DeClue