Bruiser Truckline


With a unique brand of bluegrass all their own, Bruiser Truckline delivers high-energy concerts and singalong-worthy melodies wherever they go.

Started as a gift idea, the album was written in one week by frontman, Bruce “Bruiser” DeClue, to be given to his older brother on his upcoming birthday. It was his first attempt at bluegrass and was a great opportunity to try something new. The gift was given and that was it. The album sat unheard and untouched for months. Then the phone rang. It was his brother. Bruiser Truckline had been requested to play a show.

Bruce started making phone calls to musicians he knew to see what if anything he could pull together. After he had a group of friends willing to drive down and give it a try, they loaded the gear into the practice studio and plugged in. Everyone had been listening to the album for a couple weeks by then and knew the material well. They played one song, stopped, looked around, and everyone in the room knew they had something special.

Three weeks and three practices later, the band headed west for their first show in the open countryside of eastern Colorado where each year a motorcycle club holds a charitable event. The weekend turned out to be a memorable one and the band knew they wanted to keep going. So one show turned into two, then three, then they were booked solid every weekend for the next 3 months, ending with a hometown show in rural Protection, KS in early November.

Bruiser Truckline returns this year with new material and a great new live show. Be sure to stay tuned into the band via their social media links below or by checking back here.







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