Bruce DeClue


The frontman for a great number of bands, Bruce DeClue is at his most truthful self when playing the role of songwriter. He has been involved in a great number of projects ranging from about every genre that exists (and maybe a few that don’t). A few noteworthy projects include Sunsplint, The Phantom Caravan/Sic et Non, Black Star Riot, Feral Moan, Bruiser Truckline, and so many others.

After releasing “Scenes from a Film,” his landmark solo record about the transition from choice to consequence, he is now opening his vault to release 6 more songs, this time in a much more raw, real way. While fans of the large, symphonic at times arrangements of “Scenes” may be caught a bit off guard by the unplugged nature of the recordings, some might find the new album much more intimate and honest, without much post-editing or “studio magic.”

Soulless Good Time, released June 29th of this year, is an uncut, brief examination of what he does best. Just him and his guitar (and in this case, a couple songs of him and his piano) playing songs that resonate from the heart.




Soulless Good Time (2019)

Soulless Good Time (2019)


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